3 questions for Paul-Antoine Sebbe

CEO of SEDE Environnement
Published in the dossier of December 2019

Paul-Antoine Sebbe, CEO of SEDE Environnement

How does Angibaud Derome & Spécialités’ incorporation fit into your business strategy?

It allows SEDE, which is celebrating its 40th birthday this year, to supplement its fertilizer offering. Our mission is to capture organic resources, process them, and then make them available for farmers, in the form of fertilizer, for instance. Angibaud will continue to offer high-end organic fertilizers highly appreciated by the winegrowing world and market gardeners.

What types of products make up the range developed by Angibaud?

Specifically crop fertilization and nutrition solutions for every stage of growth. First of all, organic amendments, which represent the basis of soil fertility. Then organic, water-soluble and foliar fertilizers, which deliver precision fertilization. Finally, biostimulants (algae extracts, etc.), which improve fertilizers’ efficacy and accelerate plant growth.

What makes these fertilizers “circular”?

In total, 60% of the raw materials used by Angibaud come from the circular economy. Whether this concerns our long-standing product, fish guano1, with the natural processing of (unsold and excess) fishery by-products, or, more recently, recovering frass (“fly poop”), a co-product of insect protein production, to make an excellent fertilizer from it.


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1. Fertilizer based on animal waste.