Meeting Resourcers around the world

Whatever their area of expertise, sector of activity or the country where they work, Veolia’s 168,800 members of staff help “Resource the world” every day. These optimistic workers never give up and always move forward together. They see the world as it should be and not just as it is. They form the “Resourcers” community.
Published in the dossier of June 2018

Wastewater? I see a source of energy!

Lisa McKenzie
Strategy Manager, Water - United Kingdom

A trash can? I see valuable materials!

Zouhir Boudi
Site Manager, Waste Recycling & Recovery - France

A mere technical tool? I see an opportunity to work better together!

Sandrine Castano
Head of interventions, Water - Easter of France

Processes? I see new skills!

Julia Gu
Vice-Président Water Concessions - China

Commercial waste? I see biofuel!

Robert Menzer
Manager of Berlin-Brandebourg’s agency - Germany

An abandoned mine? I see a nature reserve!

Radim Jirota
Deputy Director, Most Plant - Czech Republic

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