Air’Volution: the compressed-air multiservice vehicle

With Air’Volution, Veolia
is designing the future
of waste collection and
management services.
The aim of this highly
innovative project is to
develop a 100% clean
and scalable vehicle.
Published in the dossier of July 2019

A deliberately disruptive design

“With its innovative design, this vehicle is part of the new ‘green dynamic’ driven by the expectations of a society increasingly concerned by environmental issues. It will catch the attention of passers-by in the street and give even more meaning to our waste collection and management activities,” explains Romain Defrance, Project Manager at Veolia Propreté Industries Services, in charge of Air’Volution since March 2018.

Thanks to its compressed airpowered engine, this extraordinary vehicle emits neither fine particles nor nitrogen oxide. Rechargeable in a few minutes at a pre-compressor station or in five hours at a “standard” charging station, it will have a range of 50 km and be able to move around just as easily in an urban environment as on private — particularly industrial — sites.

This versatile vehicle will be able to integrate different interchangeable modules to carry out various tasks: a bin to collect waste, a flat bed to transport up to a ton of bulky items, or a mobile water tank for high-pressure cleaning. Air’Volution could even one day be used in other fields, such as passenger transport.