Socially responsible brewers for better water access in Africa

250 brewers worldwide have come together to improve water access in Malawi.

Brewers have raised the sum of 250,000 pounds sterling (around 282,000 euros) to fund a set of water access projects in this country in south-east Africa. This socially responsible initiative plans to rehabilitate wells, drill boreholes, build sanitation systems, and map potential sources of water by 2021.
65,000 Malawians have already seen their everyday lives improve thanks to this project. When the program comes to an end, 100,000 residents are set to benefit from it.
The Scottish brewer Brewgooder coordinates and runs the initiative. It collects donations from 250 brewers from 24 different nations, plans and implements the projects on the ground.
This program is part of a long-term humanitarian mission (Give Water), on which the brewer set out in 2016, with the aim of providing drinking water access to a million people by 2025. 132 projects have been funded to date.
This mission is one of a series of wider social responsibility initiatives undertaken by major brewers around the world concerning better management of scarce water resources when it comes to their own activities. Heineken and Carlsberg have developed medium-term programs to save water resources worldwide (2020- 2030): “Every Drop”* and “Together Towards Zero”, respectively. Two other brewers in the United Kingdom** have committed to controlling the entire water cycle required to produce their products.
*Heineken is committed to optimizing water circularity in water-stressed areas, treating 100% of its process wastewater worldwide, reducing its water needs in these regions, reducing its average water consumption from 3.2 hectoliters per production unit to 2.8 hl. And going from 3.5 hl to 3.2 hl in other less vulnerable areas of the world.
**Glasgow-based Tennent’s and Southwold-based Adnams

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