Every employee is a talent: the professional trajectory by Veolia

Every Veolia staff member, at every level of the
company, is a talent. Based on this key principle, Veolia
is keen to promote its employees and match them
with its entities’ needs.
Published in the dossier of June 2018

How Veolia grows its talent

Talent pool

Talent management on a Group level is organized per sector in the HR Development Division: the talent pools. The aim is to have overall visibility regarding the talent in the sector, identify and develop their skills in line with the sector’s needs, and facilitate their career development. The HR sector representatives in the division are at the helm of this international dynamic, working in close collaboration with HR in the countries and entities.

Talent programs

Steered by the Human Resources Development division and assured by the corresponding HR channels, these international programs are designed to discover and win the loyalty of the Group’s talent. They allow staff to get to know their sector and its role better, understand Veolia’s strategy and vision, meet and interact with their colleagues around the world, and have visibility regarding their future in the Group.

The ECHOS method (Collective evaluation of human resources, organizations and structures)

Conducted approximately every 18 months in the divisions and countries/entities, ECHOS sessions offer the entity’s manager an overview of the organization they lead, in order to better identify talent and positions available. In concrete terms, the ECHOS session brings together the entity’s director, their direct staff and human resources representatives. A global review of the personnel and jobs is then carried out with a view to identifying training needs and advancement opportunities and implementing an action plan.

The annual performance review

During this discussion with their manager, the member of staff states their career development aspirations and reviews their career path so far. The performance review grid, which also incorporates Veolia’s values, is standardized across the Group, allowing the manager to evaluate the Resourcer fairly and objectively based on shared criteria.

This conviction permeates the Group’s human resources policy. Its challenge is synchronizing the company’s needs in terms of skills with employees’ career development aspirations. To do so, Veolia designs efficient processes, methods and tools and an organization that makes career development within the Group visible and possible.

To help people fulfill their potential and encourage career advancement – one of the Group’s nine CSR commitments, priority is given to career development and internal mobility. To make this priority a reality, Veolia has taken the transparency route with Joblink, a newsletter for managers around the world, which lists all of the available job openings. It has also introduced a standardized individual assessment form template for use during the annual performance review, allowing each manager to evaluate personnel’s skills and performance using a shared language and standard criteria incorporating Veolia’s values, among other things. This array of methodologies ultimately enables managers to oversee teams’ career development as best possible and win the loyalty of Resourcers. The fact that talent development is an evaluation parameter in their own managerial performance is an even greater incentive.

For the Group’s Human Resources division, these measures help develop talent pools, identify staff’s skills and motivations, and catalyze them by supporting them in their career. Two initial talent programs were launched in 2016 to give this HR policy concrete shape: Accelerate for managers in the Information Systems & Telecommunications (IS&T) sector, and Disrupt (read Focus) for young talent from the millennial generation.


Samantha Bowles“To have truly borderless collaboration, we are currently enriching our programs by encouraging ‘cross talent’ initiatives to invite Resourcers to collaborate across different sectors of activity,” states Samantha Bowles, International Deputy Director of Human Resources, responsible for Veolia’s HR Development. “Each employee is a talent and their professional trajectory within the Group is our priority.”



Key figures

11 500: the number of managers that receive the bi-monthly newsletter, Joblink.
7 427: the number of promotions arising from professional development actions at Veolia in 2017.


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