The pathway to… 2040

À l’occasion de son Press Day du 8 février 2018, dédié aux enjeux du monde en 2040, Veolia s’est installé à l’École nationale supérieure de création industrielle (ENSCI).
Published in the dossier of April 2018

To embrace the challenges that the world will have to face in 2040, Veolia set up its Press Day on February 8, 2018 in the French design school ENSCI (École nationale supérieure de création industrielle). Guillaume André, Quentin Didierjean and Thélonious Goupil — three young designers who graduated from this prestigious school — took the opportunity to present a personal and realistic vision of water, energy and waste treatment in the city of the future.

For four months, the trio worked closely with Veolia’s experts to draw up a tangible scenario. Then they collaborated with the architectural photographer Maxime Delvaux and a team of 3D integrators to depict it in images.

The exhibition “The pathway to” is organized around five windows, opening to 2040. The staging is based on a series of photos and objects created especially for the event: “the street, the urban space,” “the ‘central waste plant’ in the city,” “the new neighborhoods,” “the city’s new boundaries,” and “housing and food.” These iconic urban settings — from the private sphere through the city center to the outskirts — offer a host of innovative perspectives on the city of the future.
Guided tour by viewing the slide show.

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