Moderate energy and water consumption for Ski Dubai

Published in the dossier of July 2017

Ibrahim Al-Zu’bi, Head of Sustainability, Majid Al Futtaim - Holding

Spanning a 22,500-sqm area, the indoor winter sports resort includes five ski slopes of different gradients, a bobsleigh slope, a snow park, a play area, restaurants and even… a couple of penguins in residence. The entrance fee is around €50 for two hours of fun in the snow. The temperature inside is kept between -2 and -1°C. This achievement prompted Ibrahim Al-Zu’bi, Majid Al Futtaim’s Head of Sustainability, to remark, “Contrary to preconceived ideas, the energy and water consumption is comparable per se to other major attractions offered worldwide. This feat has been made possible by BEES*, an energy performance solution from Enova.” Ski Dubai attracts one million visitors annually and its CO2 emissions represent 7,701 metric tons per year, i.e. 10 kg per visitor (for comparison: the CO2 balance for a Paris-Dubai return flight is 760 kg per passenger). 25 metric tons of fresh snow are produced every night to keep the attractions in top condition. The snow cannons, which were previously set at -6°C, are today set at -4°C, without impairing the quality of the snow on the ground. The wide array of solutions put forward by Enova — replacing fluorescent bulbs with LED lights, optimizing the lighting and electricity supply periods, better programming the compressors to give a better yield from the cooling units — has enabled a 7% reduction in electricity consumption since Ski Dubai opened.

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* Building Energy Efficiency Services