An offshore platform dismantled and recycled

99.7% of an offshore platform recycled in a single operation
Published in the dossier of January 2017

It’s a first for an oil platform, and a feat of engineering to boot!

Dismantling and recycling 99.7% of the 14,000-metric ton Yme platform located in the Norwegian North Sea in a single operation. This is the challenge taken up by Veolia, which took delivery of the 72-meter-long and 87-meter-high platform in September. The platform was lifted in a single operation and then cautiously transferred on one of the largest deep-sea barges in the world to Lutelandet decommissioning site, in the southwest of Norway. The end result will be the recovery of precious metals and the largest sections of the facilities, including a 54-bed hotel and a gym. A one-year project has begun…

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