interview: Three questions for Paul Leccia

President of the Cercle des nageurs de Marseille (France)

Things are heating up with Energido!

Energido is an innovative solution developed by Veolia for recovering energy from wastewater. The Cercle des nageurs de Marseille (CNM) has chosen it to heat its prestigious 3,000-m3 Olympic pool, where champions Camille Lacourt and Florent Manaudou regularly come to train. The patented process recovers heat from domestic wastewater, diverting it to a heat exchanger. This permanently available renewable energy maintains the water temperature at 27°C all year round and preheats the domestic hot water used by swimmers. Paul Leccia explains Energido’s economic and environmental benefits for CNM.

Why did you choose the Energido solution to heat CNM’s Olympic pool?

Our choice was in line with a change that has been discussed by the board of directors for several years, the aim of which is to make significant energy savings. After consulting several studies concerning domestic water recovery, the Energido external heat exchanger solution proved to be much more suitable for our site and above all less expensive, for an equivalent, or even greater, yield.

How was this solution implemented?

Once the technology had been defined and the project approved, we chose to delegate power almost entirely to Veolia’s subsidiary, the Société des Eaux de Marseille. Our partnership was also concluded with this in mind, based on an ongoing exchange and project management by the Société des Eaux de Marseille’s engineers.

After an initial operational review, are you satisfied with choosing Energido?

The results obtained are in line with our expectations, i.e. much lower CO2 production than usual, due to a 230-metric-ton reduction in emissions, and 30% savings on our gas bill, which is equivalent to entirely covering the costs of heating the Olympic pool year round.