Female entrepreneurs have their Oasis in Niger

In Africa, to raise communities’ awareness of environmental concerns, the French
NGO Empow’Her relies to a large extent on women, who are today a major driver of
entrepreneurship on the continent. Empow’Her has therefore co-created with Veolia
a venue in Niger dedicated to boosting female entrepreneurship: L’Oasis.
Published in the dossier of June 2018



Empow’Her in Niger

Empow’Her, an NGO founded by Soazig Barthélemy and based in Paris, concentrates its actions on women’s social and economic empowerment in a dozen countries.

  • By creating programs devised in line with the concerns of each region, Empow’Her has already been able to support and guide a thousand women in founding and developing their business.
  • According to a study jointly conducted by Empow’Her and local NGOs in Niger, 75% of the country’s female entrepreneurs have never had access to training, but over 90% of them expressed “the desire to access it.”


Located in Niamey, L’Oasis is one of its kind: this 1,000-square-meter space, built according to eco-friendly principles, has a socially responsible purpose. Inaugurated in January 2018 by Niger’s First Lady, Dr. Lalla Malika Issoufou, it welcomes women entrepreneurs to an incubator dedicated to developing their projects. Various cultural areas — an educational vegetable garden, library and projection room — are organized around spaces designed for entrepreneurial training and coworking.

Inspired by the REcyclerie, an eco-aware third space created in Paris in 2014, of which Veolia is the main partner, the development of the L’Oasis concept was driven by the Africa and Middle East zone and supported by the Veolia foundation. Equipped with solar panels that ensure its electrical autonomy, the building was fitted out and decorated using salvaged materials: recycled plastic, newspapers, dead wood, old tires, cans, fabrics, newspaper cuttings and aluminum sheets. Under Empow’Her’s impetus, female entrepreneurs at L’Oasis will be able to work on developing their project, draw up market studies and marketing plans, and benefit from legal advice.

The program’s creators intend to train ten thousand women over the next three years and highlight fifteen of their projects.

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