Greendomo Project: vertical planting to reduce water consumption

Photo credit : Novagric

Spain has the second-largest utilized agricultural area in the European Union, just after France. Water is seen as a real economic development factor and its scarcity as a handicap, especially in the regions of Southern Spain, which are viewed as the orchard of Europe.

Financed by European and Spanish funds, the Greendomo Project looks to develop an intensive production system for urban farming under a dome. This project is based on vertical plantations using rotating columns. The concept does not require any artificial lighting, which allows it to obtain faster cycles and greater yields, relying on growing techniques on several levels. 

It is thus able to achieve production up to 22 times greater than traditional greenhouse growing, with a 70% reduction in water consumption. It is also capable of growing several plant species on the same site (polyculture), which guarantees year-round production.

Bringing farming closer to the city

This dome design can be architecturally integrated into the city, taking advantage of all types of urban spaces, such as public parks and squares and the roofs of buildings. The Greendomo project also makes it possible to obtain an end product that minimizes the consumption of resources in terms of cost and time spent on transport (local production and short supply chains).

It reduces crops’ water and carbon footprint, along with their consumption of crop protection products. It also appears to be an opportunity to meet part of the global food demand. Last but not least, it brings farming close to the city, encouraging the professionalization of urban farming and promoting high-quality jobs in the sector.

A future-focused project supported on a European level

The Greendomo project is cofunded by the European Regional Development Fund (Feder Innterconecta program) and Spanish state aid from the State research, development and innovation program focused on social issues, within the framework of the 2017-2020 State plan for scientific and technical research and innovation. This aid is managed by the Spanish Center for the development of industrial technology.

Greendomo is backed by a business consortium including the companies Novagric (design, manufacture and installation of greenhouse structures), Polímeros Gestión Industrial (polymer manufacture), Alarcontrol (automated irrigation systems) and Induser Poniente (design and manufacture of packaging lines).