Frédéric Goetz Veolia’s Chief Occupational Health and Safety Officer

Health and safety: a commitment taken to the highest level
Published in the dossier of June 2018

Frédéric Goetz Veolia’s Chief Occupational Health and Safety Officer

What are the key aspects of Veolia’s health and safety policy?

Our continuous improvement approach in the area of health and safety prevention is embodied at the highest level by the engagement of the Group’s CEO. Veolia’s occupational risk prevention policy is based on five pillars: the involvement of all employees, training, communication and dialogue, the continuous improvement of risk management, and performance tracking and control. Prevention measures are incorporated from the facilities’ design and construction to guarantee the best level of protection for future operators.

What are you doing to prevent occupational diseases?

We use an analysis tool that lists the number of these diseases and characterizes them. It thus allows us to define suitable preventive measures. Lower back pain and musculoskeletal disorders are the pathologies most often encountered in the Group.

How is the health and safety policy conveyed on an international scale?

The chain of command is supplemented by the network of Safety officers, which covers every country where we are present. We also have a center of excellence tasked essentially with offering tools that comply with local regulations and ensuring that the cultural dimension is taken into account when deploying occupational risk prevention measures.