High seas

An intergovernmental
conference coming soon
Published in the dossier of November 2017

“The plastic plague,” illegal and destructive fishing practices, an increase in greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to warming of the oceans, which are also affected by acidification and deoxygenation… In July at the UN, an agreement was finally reached to launch an international conference on the high seas.

“The time has come for us to correct our wrongful ways. It is inexcusable that humanity tips the equivalent of a large garbage truck of plastic into the Ocean every minute of every day,” stated Peter Thomson, President of the General Assembly.

This marks a major step welcomed by the Tara Expeditions Foundation, a United Nations special observer, partnered by the Veolia foundation. The resolution paves the way for a multilateral process with a stable, funded framework, a series of COPs like those devoted to climate, combined with restrictive objectives, a steering committee, a secretariat, and a scientific committee. Watch this space.


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