Imagine 2050

Veolia imagines a future in which industry is redesigned to take up the challenges of the world of tomorrow
Published in the dossier of July 2019

In its Imagine 2050 report, Veolia in the United Kingdom highlights the innovative economic models required to address two global megatrends. On the one hand, continued population growth, which will lead to environmental degradation and change how we manage and consume energy, water and food. On the other hand, the acceleration of transformations, the development of new uses, and the appearance of unprecedented business models, which make innovation a key issue for companies.

Veolia takes up the challenge of turning industrial waste into resources

Redesign industry so that:

  • products and manufacturing processes no longer generate waste;
  • facilities’ energy needs are met on site using renewable sources, rather than taken from the national grid;
  • we stop seeing waste as a cheap commodity and begin to give it a new lease of life.

By combining these three elements in a water, energy and materials network, Veolia saves resources and supports industries that are well prepared for 2050.