Interview with Pierre Boissery

Expert on the Mediterranean Sea and Coast at the Rhone-Mediterranean and Corsica Water Agency
Published in the dossier of November 2017

Where did the idea for Remora come from?

If there is a good wastewater treatment plant, can the ecological functions that existed before the pollution be restored? We wanted to check this hypothesis that water quality is not the reason preventing biodiversity from returning.
The Water Agency worked on defining the objectives and concepts, then encouraged the creation of a round table with the stakeholders. We then defined and funded the operations together. This project required entering into different partnerships and getting the public and private sectors – the Veolia foundation, Pôle Méditerranée, the University of Toulon, the Paul Ricard Oceanography Institute, Ifremer, etc. – to work together on an innovative project.

What conclusions have you drawn?

Cap Sicié’s rehabilitation is all the more exemplary given that ecological restoration is not a foregone conclusion. This operation illustrates the partners’ desire to do something more for nature that is not compulsory by law