Interview with Camilo Rodriguez

Supply Manager at Coca-Cola FEMSA Colombia
Published in the dossier of December 2020

Globally, Coca-Cola FEMSA and Veolia share the goal of being a key part of the circular economy and this is integral to the new contract in Colombia.

“At Coca-Cola FEMSA, we are committed to the global objective of not only collecting and recycling 100% of our packaging material placed on the market by the year 2030 but also properly managing the usable materials that we utilize in our operations,” says Coca-Cola FEMSA Colombia Supply Manager, Camilo Rodriguez. “To this end, it is key to work on developing strategic alliances that allow us to give a new lease of life to the waste derived from our production.”

For Veolia in Colombia, this means a focus on treating the usable materials generated by Coca-Cola FEMSA’s production process as sustainably as possible.

“Our main effort is based on unifying operations at a national level, ensuring that the materials received go to the final transformer. Our greatest challenge today is optimizing the value chains, seeking the greatest value for the client and ourselves. With this in mind, we work with traditional recycling networks to identify best practices for transforming materials.”

This means that Veolia in Colombia uses its expertise and network of recycling facilities and markets to ensure that materials are recycled as sustainably as possible as part of the circular economy.