With the JIVEs, integration is a sure thing for Veolia's managers

Through the JIVE — Journée d’intégration Veolia Environnement - integration days, the Group has for the last 25 years been offering its new managers around the world the opportunity to discover its activities and its markets, take ownership of its values, culture and way of working, develop a sense of belonging, and build an internal network. A date that echoes the #WeAreResourcers campaign…
Published in the dossier of June 2018

Organizing integration sessions for new managers, whether newly recruited or newly promoted, is at the heart of Veolia's human resources policy. For 25 years, the Group has organized JIVEs, the Veolia Environment Integration Days, several times a year.

Jivers and Resourcers

At the Veolia Campus in Jouy-le-Moutier, France, three JIVE sessions are organized every year. Today, the international "Jivers" represent up to 50% of a class’ workforce. These meetings are great opportunities to build relationships over three days with colleagues that they will not necessarily have the opportunity to see again. The link to the "We move forward together" pillar in the #WeAreResourcers campaign is an obvious one.

"Creating synergies is a long-term job! Although One Veolia is now clear, remember that a few years ago the Group was organized into several divisions... The JIVEs have been able to create cohesion between activities that were once very partitioned," says Manuèle Lemaire, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Veolia Seine et Nord Campus in Jouy-le-Moutier.

These sessions also value employees, especially international ones: "For them, this integration in France, in the Group's historical Campus, is experienced as a recognition," adds Adel Somai, business developer, in charge of the JIVEs on the Veolia Seine et Nord Campus.

JIVE, instructions for use

Each JIVE session brings together between 180 and 210 participants for three days, in the presence of one or more members of Veolia’s Executive Committee. Antoine Frérot and François Bertreau (read his interview) participate in the opening and closing of each session and on this occasion participate in a question-and-answer exercise with participants. Then the brainstorming sessions begin: the Jivers get to know each other during a "Café du monde" before being separated into "hives" of 40/50 participants, co-moderated by an external speaker and a Veolia employee. Each hive has to address a strategic issue by gathering as much information as possible during workshops, roundtables and site visits. The second day is devoted to meetings with Group experts - zone managers, technical and performance departments, development, innovation and markets, and support functions. The last day is reserved for a site visit, followed by a knowledge building session. Then each hive presents the results of their reflections on the strategic issue put to it.

Successful integration goal

All the JIVE participants interviewed during a one and a half year evaluation stated they were very satisfied with this way of discovering the Group through its international activities and local strategies. They appreciate the exchanges with members of the Executive Committee and their availability, as well as the opportunity to build a permanent network of relationships. Older ones testify to the importance that - throughout their career - these bonds woven during the JIVEs, sometimes many years ago, have had.