Interview with François Bertreau

Chief Operating Officer, Veolia
Published in the dossier of June 2018

Interview with François Bertreau, Chief Operating Officer, Veolia

 > Why does the Veolia Executive Committee get so involved in the JIVEs?

The JIVEs are an opportunity to discover a very diverse and very geographically spread group. It is therefore essential for the Executive Committee to be present at a special time for learning about the life of the company. And since Veolia sells technical services, the quality and commitment of its managers is paramount. Giving new managers the opportunity to interact with the Executive Committee is driven by two main factors. First, the Executive Committee is a "giver of explanations" about the Group. Then, coming to meet these newly recruited or newly promoted managers sends a strong message about the importance we attach to management within Veolia. Finally, the link between the Group and this global network is strengthened because the JIVEs are organized on the Jouy-le-Moutier campus, Veolia’s international university.

> What essential messages do you deliver during the JIVEs?

Two are particularly close to my heart. Firstly, going back to Veolia's strategy and movements to explain "why" Veolia makes the choices it makes. Then, pointing out the importance of the management role in their mission as team leaders.


> What notable developments have the JIVEs experienced over 25 years of existence?

I have only been with Veolia for five years, but I have noticed a great change: there is more international participation in the JIVEs. This phenomenon reflects what the Group is today. The increased presence of employees involved in operations outside France helps open eyes, minds and hearts to the Group's presence in many activities across a large number of countries. This makes it possible to confront French and non-French managers with what is happening outside their region before everyone goes back to their production unit! It is up to the managers to open up to others, create a network, take ideas, and get to know people - because despite social networks, physical contact is still essential.


> Is the increasing participation of international managers changing the nature of the exchanges during the JIVEs?

We perfected the JIVE system in 2013 in order to try to assimilate the abilities and reflexes of the participants as much as possible. The results are very positive. In all countries and all activities (water, energy, waste) there is now a community of ideas and missions. In fact, in diversity, there are common points with which to build a shared vision. The #WeAreResourcers campaign has been reminding us about it over the last few months…



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