SenseCube Mexico: new perspectives for Veolia

Published in the dossier of July 2016

Director of SenseCube in Mexico

María Fernanda Ramírez Castillo

For Veolia, SenseCube Mexico opens a new window into a community of entrepreneurial innovation and potential new partners that can be tapped into for original, high-performance solutions that benefit both the group and the start-ups. 

“It also is changing public perceptions, says SenseCube Mexico Director, María Fernanda Ramírez Castillo. “Veolia is increasingly seen as a corporate citizen actively engaged in promoting innovations that can help resolve urban water issues.”   

The partnership also has brought Veolia’s relationship with its 20-year client Sacmex to a new level. 

“Our customer now sees us as more than simply a service provider,” says Sarita Mazuera, Water Director for Veolia in Mexico.