31 July

Guaranteeing indigenous peoples’ right to autonomy contributes to climate solutions

30 July

A national coalition is working to improve water security in Colombia

23 July

Wastewater: four quick steps to evaluate the reuse option

18 July

In the midst of a water crisis, the Indian city of Bengaluru is making efforts to retain water

17 July

Taking inspiration from nature to restore the coastline

16 July

With climate change, Siberia will become more habitable by the end of the century

11 July

South-East Asia aware that it must do away with plastic pollution

10 July

A successful energy transition model: the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea

09 July

The first European gigafactory for storing battery energy opens in Germany

04 July

A thirst for drinking water in the Philippines

03 July

A subsea hub will propel the United Kingdom to the top of the “blue” economy

02 July

Biomimicry: an innovative material to combat water pollution due to hydrocarbons

27 June

Sustainably managing water resources in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

26 June

Cities and climate strategies: case studies with underexploited potential

25 June

Efficient waste management and an exemplary energy policy from the British organization Midcounties Co-operative