30 October 2020

United Nations: 75 years of engagement

30 October 2020

2.8 billion people still cook with polluting fuels

23 October 2020

Chinese sponge cities continue their development

23 October 2020

The World Food Programme receives the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

15 October 2020

Groupe SOS launches IMPACT TANK, a think tank dedicated to evaluating the impact of positive innovations

15 October 2020

When floating wind power produces green hydrogen

09 July 2020

Widespread mobilization to save Lake Victoria in Kenya

02 July 2020

Covid-19: a threat to climate action

25 June 2020

The meteoric ascent of green bonds

25 June 2020

Socially responsible brewers for better water access in Africa

24 June 2020

The largest banks are gradually renouncing oil and gas drilling projects in the Arctic

22 June 2020

Smart urban solutions for resilient cities

17 June 2020

Involve landowners in better water management

16 June 2020

A project uses cryptocurrency to encourage plastic recycling in Uruguay

15 June 2020

The Danube’s water quality is gradually improving

18 February 2020

With its “The Weaves” design project, Seoul is crafting its new urban fabric