Interview with Nuno Marques Peiriço

Deputy Health and Safety Director in charge of performance and audits

Published in the dossier of June 2018

At home and at work, health and safety concern everyone 

P.V. What does occupational health and safety performance mean to you?

N.M.P. / Performance in this area depends on managers’ ability and desire to pass on the key occupational health and safety messages delivered by the company to staff. They must ensure that their teams agree with these principles, that they can take action and adapt their behavior. We are seeing that there is room for improvement not just at work, but also within the member of staff’s family. You cannot compartmentalize work and home life. Family is a key driver in achieving excellent results!

P.V. Could you tell us how the family is a key driver for improving occupational safety?

N.M.P. / The employee — competent in their company — often puts their professional skills to use on behalf of their family. This is also true of health and safety: the reflexes acquired at work are shared with the whole family. Getting their nearest and dearest on board and sharing their knowledge with those around them further strengthens the employee’s support for the company’s approach. We are seeing that this attitude reduces both health and occupational safety risks.

P.V. Do your staff members all share the same values?

N.M.P. / N.M.P. / Our role is precisely to work with our members of staff so that we can all share the same values promoted by the Group. To this end, we are building a corporate culture with which we can all identify.