Tara, the watchman of ocean resources

The Tara Pacific expedition has been analyzing coral reefs and their fragile ecosystem since 2016 and has catalogued 117 million genes, half of which were previously unknown. In May 2018, after twenty-four months at sea and a few months before the end of a 100,000 km voyage, the expedition delivered its first results to Veolia’s headquarters. The highlight of this campaign was the discovery, by DNA sequencing, of the microbiotic diversity of coral ecosystems, which indicates their state of health. On its voyage, the schooner crossed the North Pacific Gyre where the concentration of plastic is among the highest (Great Pacific Garbage Patch). The scientific team took the opportunity to study the new ecosystems created there, as well as the interactions between living organisms and microplastics.

The Tara Foundation schooner is both an awareness-raising tool and instrument for studying the oceans affected by climate change. It helps Veolia better understand and raise awareness on the need to protect the ocean. The next challenge for both partners will be in 2019 in Toulon where they will be studying microplastics in the Mediterranean Sea.


Our Ocean Conference in Bali: Veolia signs the Global Commitment to eliminate plastic pollution at the source
Tara Mediterranean
Tara Pacific Expedition presents its first results at Veolia headquarters
Gaby Gorsky - Tara Méditerranée’s plastic hunter