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6 june 2019

Oil and gas: innovation is a strategic lever in managing water resources better

As they produce large amounts of water in their oil and gas extraction activities, industry players in the sector are turning to water treatment specialists. According to a report published last April by the market research institute “Research and Markets,” they have made this a priority in North America, in order to boost the precision and simplicity of produced water management.

Subject to restrictive local regulations, North American oil and gas industry players will have to particularly rely on the know-how of midstream subcontractors — suppliers of equipment for treating drinking water and produced water, service providers to whom operators already outsource their activities, etc. — in order to further limit their environmental impacts and save water resources. 
To bring about this improvement, the report’s authors state that it is first and foremost a matter of entrusting these midstream partners with an ever larger share of the sourcing, treatment and recycling of water and its disposal into the environment. These water resource specialists notably play a key role in evaluating new technologies and innovations aimed at improving water reuse and recycling. They are also indispensable in supporting the sector’s modernization, in particular via digitalization. 
Last but not least, according to the report, this need for innovative management is especially urgent in areas with a high level of drilling activity, which are more severely hit by water shortages and irregular supply than elsewhere.