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12 august 2016

Rethinking the plastics economy: Veolia is working alongside the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has drawn up a three-year action plan entitled “The new plastics economy,” which aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste released into nature. Veolia will help choose the pilot projects enabling its implementation.

L’économie du plastique

© Photothèque Veolia / Chris George

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation published an action plan during the most recent World Economic Forum.
It looks to develop five major initiatives over the 2016-2017 period:

  • encouraging the implementation of pilot projects by organizing meetings between top companies and cities

  • defining a global protocol to rethink plastic packaging, bearing in mind that almost 95% of packaging’s economic value is lost after its first short use cycle, i.e. an estimated loss of US$ 80 to 120 billion per year.

  • promoting ground-breaking innovations through solutions that can be deployed on a global scale

  • creating an economic and scientific database

  • raising the awareness of citizens, academics, decision-makers, NGOS and organizations, industrial players

As a leading partner in the “The new plastics economy” initiative, Veolia will be involved in the advisory council and play an active role in choosing the pilot projects.