Interview of Olivier Carlat Director of Social Development and Labor Relations

One Veolia: training to combine skills
Published in the dossier of June 2018

Olivier Carlat Director of Social Development and Labor Relations

What place does training hold in Veolia’s strategy?

Training is part of the Group’s DNA and its place will prove even more crucial in the new organization, One Veolia, whose success is largely based on our ability to gain the loyalty of talent, develop skills and accelerate knowledge transfer. These are the key aspects of our training policy.

In concrete terms, how can you establish the correlation between training and market needs?

Our training programs are the fruit of networking between all the divisions concerned. They are drawn up in close liaison with the local operational units and rolled out through our Campuses established in nine countries, as well as partnerships, especially with universities and top schools in France, China, Poland, etc. This diversity ensures that our training courses match the reality of our clients’ expectations all over the world. The Smart Growth program is a telling example. Specially designed to allow teams to introduce solutions developed elsewhere in the world to their local market, it has already been implemented in South Korea. I would also mention SPARK, a program devised by our Polish teams to encourage knowledge transfer between generations to maintain the level of expertise provided to clients.

How does Veolia’s training policy incorporate the Resourcers’ attitude?

Right from the induction seminars, this attitude permeates all our training programs. Knowledge and skills acquisition are provided with an attitude that enables each Group staff member to feel that they are contributing to the solutions delivered to our clients to meet their global sustainability concerns. This really embodies the “We move forward together” aspect!