Ecodisk®, Plug and Play wastewater treatment

Published in the dossier of January 2017

Ecodisk®, Denit

This solution meets even more stringent effluent quality requirements with regard to total nitrogen.
This solution meets even more stringent effluent quality requirements with regard to total nitrogen.


The company PMT, a Veolia subsidiary, has invented Ecodisk®, a compact, robust and ecological treatment unit.

She is designed to treat the wastewater from small and medium-sized municipalities, tourist complexes, campsites, site facilities, etc. located in rural or semi-urban environments (from 100 to 10,000 population equivalent).

The solution is based on rotating “biodisks,” colonized by bacteria responsible for decontaminating the effluent. For more comprehensive wastewater treatment, simply add pretreatment, denitrification or dephosphatation modules or a secondary treatment to reuse the filtered water. The preassembled equipment can be installed in a semi-buried container or a building, with no other structure than a concrete slab.

Irrespective of the configuration, Ecodisk® is distinguished by its minimal energy consumption, reveals Goulven Inial, PMT’s Managing Director: “The energy needs required for the different processes are supplied by a single motor, whose power does not exceed 1.5 kW.”

Performance that – combined with the use of high-end components and the stability of the biological treatment  – guarantee longevity and tranquility: the bacteria adapt very well to major load variations, while no special qualifications are required to maintain the system.

“Our solution may be easily operated by the hotel’s gardener,” summarizes Goulven Inial. Install Ecodisk® and nature will do the rest. 

WWTP without borders

Ecodisk® is all-terrain equipment that fits in anywhere. From Alpine peaks to Tahitian resorts, PMT has sold 1,500 items of equipment in 45 countries since 1998. The company is now targeting markets such as Africa, while continuing to develop its technology: in particular, an energy self-sufficient version is being studied.