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5 june 2019

Water management: local user groups promote best practices in India

In Thiruvengada Nagar in Ambattur, an area to the west of Chennai, a residents’ association has decided to oversee water management, from its source to water table sanitation, through meters measuring consumption.

The story began over ten years ago, when a group of users decided to play a key role in managing water in their area, Thiruvengada Nagar in Ambattur, to preserve both the quality and quantity of water, which is becoming drastically scarce.


Their first decision consisted in prioritizing borewells — sunk to a depth of over 150 meters — over open wells, which were inadequate to meet the demand for water provision. 


With a view to managing this resource in scarce supply, theresidents’ associationencouraged the local population (especially apartment dwellers) to install water meters in their accommodation. 


Thanks to these meters, residents of the Ezhil Park complex (which has 19 housing units in total) have been able to save water by reducing waste: since 2014, a single borewell has been able to meet all their water needs.






©Christophe Majani d'Inguimbert / Veolia Photo Library